Monday, September 20, 2010

Emaar makes Life Style Trend

Trends are societal responses to long-standing needs. Sometimes, a new trend rises out of seemingly nothing but in hindsight, it is easy to relate it to expressions of interest raised by the community. This is equally true of iPods or Black Berrys the current trends in entertainment and connectivity - as of modern living environments.

In Pakistan as in many other developing and developed nations – the current trend in the realty market is villa living. This is not only the result of a boom in the number of upwardly mobile individuals with high purchasing power but also arises from the affinity by modern families to live in secure, gated, amenity-rich communities.

Villas also add a spatial dimension to living – which is equally important in setting the new trend. After all, space is an expression of personal freedom, of creative choices and of pushing one’s limits to the next higher level.

For Pakistan, villas and gated communities also have a historical and cultural significance. It can be traced back to the country’s heritage wherein villages – the first of human communities – were nothing but people living together in independent dwelling units. These villages then evolved as townships and cities with a range of lifestyle amenities.

Today, these integrated communities are being recreated – from scratch, through ingenious master-planning, to create secure gated neighborhoods that ensure the overall welfare of residents apart from meeting their diverse lifestyle needs.

At the forefront of setting this new trend in Pakistan is Emaar Pakistan, the country subsidiary of global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC. Emaar is one of the largest foreign investors in Pakistani real estate sectors and has unveiled multi-billion dollar investments in Karachi and Islamabad.

In Islamabad, Emaar Pakistan has rolled out Canyon Views with construction currently ongoing. “Canyon Views addresses the lifestyle choice of modern Pakistanis, who prefer the comfort of villa living in a secure, integrated neighborhood of Emaar Pakistan. By pioneering the concept of integrated communities in Pakistan, we are clearly setting a trend – a much-desired trend, indeed.”

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